About LCD Screen

Identification of Display:
1. Flatness
Surface roughness of the display to be within ± 1mm, in order to ensure the display image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed will lead to the display viewing angle appears dead. Flatness is mainly determined by the quality of the production process.

2. Brightness and viewing angle

Indoor full color screen brightness to the 800cd / m² or more, outdoor fullcolor brightness to the 1500cd / m² or more, in order to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise it will be too low and can not see because of the brightness of the displayed image. Size of the brightness by the LED dieis good or bad decisions.How much screen size of the audience directly dependson the viewing angle, and therefore the bigger the better. Mainly by the size of the viewing angle of the die packages to decide.

3. The white balance effect

The white balance effect is one of the most important indicator display.Chromatology onred, green and blue color for the proportion of 1:4. Lost. 16 will only showthe pure white, if the actual rate is a little deviation will appear white balance deviation, generally pay attention to whether there is a slant blue,white slant yellow phenomenon. The stand or fall of the white balance is mainly composed of display control system to determine, tube core of color reducibility may also be affected

4.The reduction of color
Color reduction refers to the color display of color reduction, both display ahigh degree of consistency with the source of the color, so as to ensure thatthe image realism.

5.whether the mosaic, dead phenomenon

Mosaic refers to appear on the display lit or normally black small four-square,both modules necrosis, mainly due to the quality of its display connectors used, but off. Always refer dead appear on the display or normally black single point, how good or bad from the die to determine the dead point.

6. Presence of color piece

Color piece is refers to the adjacent modules between relatively clear off color, color transition in module, color piece phenomenon caused mainly by the control system is poorer, grey level is not high, caused by lower scanning frequency .