About Hard Drives

Identification of Hard Disk:
1.The speed: even for slow one second will make usfeel restless, so crucial to the high-speed  read and write data. In addition, when weuse the laptop to connect the hard disk, if the transmission speed is too slow,will accelerate shorten laptop battery life. 

2. The power supply: There are a lot of poor quality desktop motherboard chassis front USB port is prone to insufficient power supply situation, which would result in the hard disk can not be found in theWindows system to normal faults. In the case of insufficient power supply willneed to be independently powered hard disk, the hard dsik are designed that somost of the DC-IN jack DC to solve this problem.

3.The large plate or small plates: addition, PCB circuit board work also has a significant impact on the quality of hard dsik. as consumers, are unable to open the machine carefully and check the PCB board (it is difficult to have the ability to discern good or bad), for users, the quality will be better of large  PCB hard disk, play the role of shock absorption and cushioning

4. Whether the thinner the better: the thinner drives do not have the shock measures, some of them don’t have the most basic shock filler (in fact, a notebook hard drive with a thin layer of plastic or metal box), which storesdata reliability can imagine. In general,the thinner shell of its seismic capacity hard disk (accidentally dropped)worse.

 5. Added value: Many brand hard disk will be complimentary some anti-virus software, personal information management software, a key backup software, encryption software, etc., but in the broadband network.