About Cpu

Identification of CPU:
1. Computer CPU frequency, also known as clock frequency, the unit is MHz, used to indicate the CPU speed. CPU frequency = FSB × multiplication factor. Many people think that the frequency determines the speed of the CPU, which is not only a one-sided, but the server is concerned, this understanding has gone wrong. So far, no one can achieve the numerical formula to determine the relationship between the frequency and the actual speed of operation between the two processor manufacturers even Intel and AMD, at this point there are a lot of controversy, from Intel the development trend of the product, we can see that Intel is focused on strengthening the development of its own frequency.Like other processor manufacturers, someone once took to do a quick comparison of Transmeta 1G, 2G its operational efficiency is equivalent to Intel processors.
Therefore,the actual CPU clock speed and computing power of the CPU is not directly related, expressed in CPU clock speed digital pulse signal within the shockspeed. In Intel's processor products.

 2. Computer CPU FSB, FSB is the reference frequency of the CPU, the unit is MHz. CPU determines the entire motherboard FSB speed.Plainly, in desktops, we are talking about over clocking, are super CPU FSB (of course, under normal circumstances, CPU multiplier is locked in) believe it is well understood. But in terms of server CPU, overclocking is absolutely not allowed. Speaking in front of the motherboard CPU determines the speed, the twoare running simultaneously, if the server CPU overclocking, changing the FSB,will generate an asynchronous operation, (a lot of desktop motherboards support asynchronous operation) this will cause the entire server system instability.

3. Front-side bus (FSB) frequency, Front-sidebus (FSB)frequency (ie, bus frequency) is a direct impact on CPU and memory speed direct data exchange ,There is a formula can be calculated, i.e.,the data bandwidth = (bus frequency × data bandwidth) / 8, the maximum datatransfer bandwidth depends on the width and the transmission frequency of all simultaneously transmitted data.

4. CPU bit and word lengthBit: binary digital circuits and computer technology, the code only "0" and"1", which either "0" or "1" in the CPU is a"bit." Word: binary digits in computer technology in the unit of CPU time (same time) can be processed at one time called the word. They are able to handle 8-bit data word length is usually called 8-bit CPU CPU. Similarly 32 ofthe CPU can handle per unit time word length of 32 bits of binary data. Byteand word length difference: As usual with eight English characters can be expressed in binary, it is usually called a byte will be eight. The word lengthis not fixed, for different CPU, the length of the word is not the same. 8 The CPU can only handle one byte, and a 32-bit CPU can handle 4 bytes, empathy word length is 64-bit CPU can process 8 bytes.

5. Multiplication factormultiplication factor is the relative ratio between the CPU clock speed and FSB between. At the same FSB, multiplier, the higher the frequency, the higher the CPU. But infact, the premise of the same FSB, the high frequency of the CPU itself significance. This is because the data transfer between the CPU and system speed is limited, the blind pursuit of high multiplier to obtain a high frequency of the CPU will be significant "bottleneck" effect -CPU getthe data from the system can not meet the limit speed CPU operation speed. In addition to general engineering sample version of Intel's CPU multiplier is locked, but do not lock before AMD.

6.Computer CPU cache, cache size is also an important indicator of CPU, but also affect the structure and size of the cache on the CPU speed is very large, very high operating frequency within the CPU cache, and the processor is generally the same frequency of operation, efficiency is far greater than the system memory and hard disk. When the actual work, CPU often need to repeat the same data block is read, and the cache size increases, can greatly enhance the internal CPU reads data hit rate, without the memory or hard disk and then finding a way to improve system performance

7.multimedia instruction set, In order to improve computer skills in multimedia,3D graphics, and a lot of processor instruction set have emerged, most notably the three is Intel's MMX, SSE / SSE2 and AMD 3D NOW! Instruction set. These instructions are for the current popular theory, image processing, floating point, 3D computing, video processing, audio processing, and many other multimedia applications play a full role in strengthening.

8.The manufacturing process, early processors are manufactured using a 0.5-micronprocess, with the increase in CPU frequency, the original process has been unable to meet the requirements of the product, so it appeared 0.35 micron and 0.25 micron process. The finer crafts manship unit volume means more integrated electronic components, and now, using 0.18 micron and 0.13 micron manufacturing processor main stream market, such as P4 Northwood core with a 0.13-micron manufacturing process. In 2003, Intel and AMD CPU manufacturing process will reach 0.09 mm.